Carnival 10 July 2021

1962 Revisited

Senior Princess: Poppy Freeman

Princess: Charlotte Cox

Carnival 11 July 2020


Due to Covid restrictions, Carnival was online only in 2020

Senior Princess: Poppy Freeman

Princess: Charlotte Cox

Procession Winners

Virtual Procession Under 5: 1st Ella age 4, 2nd Lara age 4, 3rd Albert age 4

Virtual Procession Under 5-8: 1st Arthur age 7, 2nd Emily age 6, 3rd Chloe age 6

Virtual Procession 9-13: 1st Eve age 10, 2nd Eleanor age 10, 3rd Poppy age 11

Virtual Procession 13+: 1st Evie age 13, 2nd Amelia age 13, 3rd Emily age 13

Virtual Procession Adult:  1st Vanessa, 2nd Brooklands Staff member, 3rd Jenny

Carnival 13 July 2019

Music Through The Ages

Senior Princess: Maisie Reyland

Princess: Maya Esposito

Princess: Thea Shillingford

Procession Winners

Section A: 1st Pulford VA Lower

Section B:  1st Friends Within (LB Mencap), 2nd The Wheatsheaf, 3rd Brooklands Residents Assn

Section C: 1st Doreen’s School of Dance, 2nd Shooting Stars, 3rd = 1st Linslade Beavers & Dogs for Good

Section D: 1st – 5th & 7th Leighton Buzzard Rainbows, 2nd Linslade District Guides

Carnival 14 July 2018

Myths, Magic & Legends

Senior Princess:  Nicola Janes

Princess: Maiya Holmes

Princess: Alannah Moffat

Procession Winners

Section A: 1st Pulford VA Lower, 2nd Beaudesert Lower, 3rd Leedon Lower

Section B: 1st Friends Within (LB MENCAP), 2nd Brooklands Residents Association

Section C: 1st – 1st Linslade Beavers, 2nd Dogs for Good, 3rd= Doreen’s School of Dancing & Shooting Stars

Section D: 1st Linslade District Guides, 2nd Tilbridge Scout Group, 3rd – 5th & 7th Rainbows

Carnival 8 July 2017

Colours of the Rainbow

Senior Princess:  Chloe Myford

Princess: Summer Parsons

Princess: Lillie Drake

Procession Winners

Section A: 1st Beaudesert Lower, 2nd Pulford VA Lower, 3rd Leedon Lower

Section B: 1st Brooklands Residents Assn, 2nd= Men in Black & Friends Within (MENCAP)

Section C: 1st Shooting Stars, 2nd= Doreen’s School of Dancing & Hockliffe St Baptist Church, 3rd Dogs For Good

Carnival 9 July 2016

Around The World

Queen: Molly Collins

King: Joshua Huntley

Senior Princess: Georgia Miller

Princess: Zoe Oxtoby-Robinson

Procession Winners

Section A: 1st Totternhoe Lower, 2nd Pulford VA Lower, 3rd Girl Guiding Linleighbridge District

Section B: 1st The Wheatsheaf, 2nd Brooklands Residents Assn

Section C: 1st Dogs for Good, 2nd Shooting Stars